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There are a number of factors the court may consider in any divorce case that will have an impact on whether spousal support is ordered. A list of all factors can be found in section Yes, in the State of Ohio, you have the option of incorporating a name change in a divorce decree. If a Plaintiff has adequate grounds as indicated above, then a divorce can be filed once the Plaintiff has lived in the state of Ohio for a minimum of six months immediately before filing the complaint and has been a resident in the county in which they plan on filing for a minimum of 90 days prior to filing the complaint.

A case is over when all issues have been decided, either by the court or the parties, a Decree and Entry of Divorce has been issued, signed by the judge, and filed with the Clerk of Courts. Whatever date and time is indicated on the time stamp of your Decree and Entry of Divorce is the official date and time on which your divorce is finalized. Related Article: How long can a divorce case remain open? Yes, you will have to appear in court. Even if the matter is settled, the court will most likely require you to appear to state on the record that you agree with the terms of the settlement.

If service cannot be perfected via regular means, such as certified mail or process server, your next step would be to file an affidavit for service by publication with the clerk of courts. If due diligence is perceived by the court, then the Complaint will be published by publication in the courthouse and two other places in which postings are known to be located. The posting must remain for a minimum of six weeks for service to be perfected.

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Most courts in Ohio will charge an extra fee for this procedure. A spouse cannot remarry until the divorce is finalized. When one chooses to start dating is a personal choice; there is no rule of law that dictates a specific date. In such a case, whether there are proper grounds for proceeding must be ruled upon prior to proceeding with other contested issues. It is possible that a judge may send you and your spouse to marriage counseling or a mediator prior to hearing testimony on grounds.

However, it is a very rare occurrence that an action for divorce will be dismissed because one party does not want the same. Grounds are almost always proven. Related Article: Collaborative Divorce vs. Contested Divorce.

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No, if the divorce does not concern minor children, the court will normally not require a party to remain in the state. However, the opposing party could always file a motion asking the court to order you to remain. It is also important to remember that you will be required to appear in court and moving a significant distance from the court in which you filed could result in additional time and expenses for you.


The court is more likely to order you remain in the state if the case concerns minor children and you have temporary custody and the noncustodial parent has visitation. The court will not like there to be any unnecessary interference in parent-child relationships while the matter is still pending. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides protection for members of the military against default judgments in civil actions, including divorce proceedings, which may be brought against them. In short, federal law requires plaintiffs in a divorce action to file a Military Affidavit in which it will indicate whether a defendant is an active member of the military.

If an attorney appointed under the Act to represent a servicemember cannot locate the servicemember, actions by the attorney in the case shall not waive any defense of the servicemember or otherwise bind the servicemember. Essentially, if a divorce action proceeds without your knowledge, then the court will retain jurisdiction to set aside a judgment, if the circumstances meet the requirements of the statute, so that you may present a defense to the action. Protection of servicemembers against default judgments.

Related Article: Divorce residency requirements for active duty military.

Records Search | Fulton County, OH - Official Website

The forms required to file for divorce vary from county to county. They also vary depending on whether the divorce does or does not involve children. The majority of Domestic Relations Courts in Ohio have websites clearly listing all forms that will be required for filing a particular action. Upon completion of all required forms and the proper drafting of the complaint, all paperwork will be filed with the clerk of courts in the court that has jurisdiction over the matter.

Please note that the many Ohio courts require all paperwork to go through a compliance office prior to filing and that all divorce actions will have a filing fee to be paid to the clerk of courts. The amount of the fee will vary from court to court. Ohio offers several methods to perfect service on a spouse under Ohio Civil Rule of Procedure 4. In no event shall the Union County Clerk of Courts have any liability for lost profits or for indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages or any liability to any third party, even if the Union County Clerk of Courts are advised of the possibility of such damages.

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A No person, knowing the person has no privilege to do so, and with purpose to defraud or knowing that the person is facilitating a fraud, shall do any of the following:. Permission to reproduce may be required. Union County retains all rights to the information provided by this service, including, but not limited to, the right of reproduction.

Copies of all county civil marriage records can be obtained from the Hamilton County Probate Court HCPC , including those that remain from prior to the courthouse fires. Digital images are available online for free from the HCPC website for certain time periods. Probate Court marriage banns - Updated! Marriage Banns are records of marriages that were solemnized at a church with the notice of marriage having been first published on two different days of public worship.

These are sorted into two searchable PDF indices:. Marriage banns prior to Burck in the five-volume series Marriages recorded in Hamilton County, Ohio Little Miami Publishing which are for sale in the Shop and Support section of our website and are available as reference volumes in the Genealogy and Local history Dept.

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