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I called the number and a woman answered. I told her that her number came up on my caller ID and I wanted to know who it was.

Where is area code 732?

She asked me my name. I refused to give it. I called these people back on my cell phone She put me through to some man. He asked me my name. I first asked him what he was calling my private unlisted number about. When he asked for the number, I have him just a area code.

Milton 732

He knew right away who he was speaking to. I asked him where he obtained my unlisted number; he said he has private investigators to find out that info. I asked what he wanted with me, and he said he was looking for my ex husband. I told this man that I have his number on my CALLER ID and also he is to stop harassing my daughter also, and to stop sending phishing postal mail to my home with my ex's name on it, or I will turn him in for postal fraud.

Someone actually went to my daughter and her husband's home and told her that her father owned her home and that they were going to seize it for his late payments or something. She brought out her deed and tax papers and said Now who owns the house now??? Ijust dialed the number at am and a machine answered Haak, Haak and Landau, attorneys at law. First some old cocky britich woman answered on an answering machine, whom you can hardly understand, then some american woman spoke clearly and precisely the lattorney's names.

Please give us here a short Report!

TS replies to SJRoadrager. Your story sounds awful! You can sue them for harrassing you, especially since they told you about some private investigator. That was a bluff!

If they really had a good private eye they would have known about the death of your husband. They took a civil suit against my husband for an old credit card debt. They are slime bags according to the blogs. They are no better than the debt collectors that call your hosue from p.

Good Luck! Mo replies to SJRoadrager. LLI replies to Mo. Yes I totally agree with all of you! Hayt, Hayt and Landau are not a professional Law Firm at all! I wrote to them in January when I lost my job due to the economy to let them know I had to move and have no employment and never heard from them until today October 17, I received an automated letter telling me when my next payment will be automatically deducted from my account!

No where on there does it state how much was paid and how much more you have to go in order to finish the payments! I think they are milking hard working people that try to do the right thing and then they take advantage of you!!! My brother is an Attorney now, so I am going to tell him to look into this so called firm and take care of this for me!

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LLI, New Jersey. Received a call from this firm at am. Had never heard of them and when I asked if anything had been sent in writing to identify them I was told absolutely that has already been mailed, yesterday. Not sure how they think the mail works but they are very optimistic. Bottom feeding credit collection agencies are the scum of the earth and while then banks and other predatory lenders are bailed out with tax payer funds and still getting paid and bonuses, the lenders write off the loans and the consumer still has to pay?

How does that work?

(732) 542-1682

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NJ MVC | Direct Phone Numbers By Topic

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