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Below is a list of the certifications accepted by the Politecnico di Milano and the corresponding levels:. Citizens of Countries in which English is an official language are not required to certify their knowledge of English; the same applies to applicants who have been awarded or will be awarded academic qualifications by an institute in which all teaching activity is carried out in English. These applicants must attach official documents to their application; in particular, where all courses are carried out in English, this needs to be certified by the corresponding academic institute.

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Please see more information on admission criteria here. Admission to the PhD programme in Management Engineering DRIG is limited to a predetermined number of students according to the scholarships available in the programme. The candidature may apply to different types of scholarship, both provided by DRIG, classified as:.

Consult the page Call for positions and scholarships for general information about PhD programmes currently active at Politecnico di Milano, admission requirements, call deadlines, etc. Here you will also find the online procedure that you have to fulfill to submit your application to the selected PhD programme and scholarship.

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Consult this page to read the information sheets of the research fields and scholarships, in alphabetical order , offered within the PhD Programme in Management Engineering. Within the 35th Cycle Call, eight scholarships, including oriented and elective research in management engineering, are offered. Advanced design and planning for reconfiguration of production systems. Economics of Science and Innovation.

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Female entrepreneurship. Innovative entrepreneurship and the Gig economy. Logistics 4. Organization 4. People engagement in Innovation Systems. Policy and Innovation for social impact. Seed and start-up finance. Sustainability and Circularity of Industrial Systems. Internationalisation and skills in the digital era. Research Project: Asset Management in Manufacturing: how to manage information and data?

Master's programme Industrial Engineering and Management

Research interests: His research interests mainly span in the area of Operations Management. In particular, he is engaged in industrial and research projects that focus on production and maintenance management, for example in developing scheduling tool involving new technologies available at the shop-floor. Above this, most of the effort is put towards the topic of Asset Management, especially in managing physical assets e. Supervisor: Marco Macchi. Research interests: She has a strong interest in the performance measurements and intersection among technology, management and healthcare.

Her primary research deal with the development of evidence-based improvement strategies in hospitals through the use of administrative data. Her research is both qualitative and quantitative for conducting multidisciplinary research in collaboration with Universities, healthcare institutions and hospitals. Supervisor: Emanuele Lettieri. Research Project: Investigation on reconfigurability as a capability to be competitive in manufacturing.

Research interests: Her primary research interest is on Reconfigurable Manufacturing Factories, with a managerial-oriented perspective on characteristics of reconfigurability.

Master in Sustainable Industrial Engineering - SIE

She has also interest in standardization and Industry 4. Research Project: Information management for construction projects 4. Research interests: His primary research field is information management in the construction industry, with a particular focus on Building information Modelling. Research Project: To be determined. Research interests: Her research interests are focused on Economics of Education. In particular, her dissertation concerns the evaluation of higher education impact on economic development of countries and regions. Research Project: Impact investing ecosystem: studying and overcoming the main challenges.

Research interests: Her research interest are on social business, social impact measurement, and impact Investing. Supervisor: Mario Calderini. Research Project: Sustainability-oriented alliances: a dynamic partnership of large established firms and sustainabil Research interests: Strategic alliances, corporate social responsibility, sustainability-driven entrepreneurship. Research Project: Innovative solutions to increase last mile delivery efficiency in B2c eCommerce. Research interests: Her primary research interest lies at the intersection of logistics and B2c eCommerce, with a special focus on last mile delivery.

More in detail, her PhD thesis investigates innovative last mile delivery solutions. Supervisor: Riccardo Mangiaracina; Angela Tumino. In this framework, the following opportunities are open to those completing the Ph. Support actions for placement are provided with the purpose of sharing experiences, services and information through a number of initiatives fitting the different types of career opportunities. Based in Strzelecka 11, in the centre of Poznan, the Faculty of Engineering Management continues traditions and good practices of industrial organisation and management initiated before the Second World War by Polish engineers: Karol Adamiecki, Piotr Drzewiecki, Edwin Hauswald and Zygmunt Rytel and others.

Admission / Enrolment | International degree | Industrial Engineering and Management

The Institute of Organisation and Management, the progenitor of the present day Faculty of Engineering Management, came into being in — and for almost twenty years it functioned as an interfaculty unit of Poznan University of Technology. Perhaps, exactly those skills were the reason for a large number of senior managers with engineering background technical education to thrive in Poland in the twentieth century. So, it is expected that the student has appropriate knowledge of his engineering field. The students from science and mathematics field can also join this program but they need to develop the basic skills of engineering.

Also, introductory knowledge of management and business laws is a good advantage to have if you are willing to pursue this degree. MEM gives you an advantage of business acumen in strategy, marketing, and finance much similar to MBA with technical background and knowledge as well. While MBA gives only the business administration and marketing and leadership aspects and this program is designed to cover the wide variety of business aspects like accounting, operations, organizational behaviour, economics, finance, and leadership etc.

It does not specifically focus on technology either its focus on core business and marketing concepts. The master of engineering management MEM consortium is a highly selective and elite group of professional graduate programs to provide the right programs for the right candidate.

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The Masters in Engineering Management candidates need to go through a number of compulsory engineering management subjects related to professional engineering stream, they also need to select some major choice subjects from their own engineering stream as a part of postgraduate engineering studies.

Apart from this, certain numbers of electives need to be completed.