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Method 1.

Windows XP Help : How to Repair the IP Address in Windows XP

Step 1 Go to Control Panel. Method 2 Click the network icon may look like a computer or Wi-Fi signal in the task tray. In the left column, select Ethernet for wired connection or Wi-Fi for wireless connection. Your IP address will be listed directly. Is this faq useful?

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Submit No, Thanks. This is important to note. When you set your computer to a static ip address, the router does not know that a computer is using that ip address. So the very same ip address may be handed to another computer later, and that will prevent both computers from connecting to the internet.

Before you start...

So when you asign a static IP addresses, it's important to assign an IP address that will not be handed out to other computers by the dynamic IP address server. The dynamic IP address server is generally refered to as the dhcp server. If you have a printer, before you begin print out this page!

Step 1: Open up the start menu, and click Run. You should now see the following window. Step 2: Type cmd in the Open: box, and click Okay.

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The will bring up a black command prompt window. Step 3: The command prompt may look different on your screen, but it doesn't really matter. This will display a lot of information. If it scrolls off the top you may need to enlarge the window. Step 4: I want you to write down some of the information in this window. Make sure to note which is which. We are going to use this information a little bit later.

The name server entries are a bit complicated. Name Server is just another name for DNS domain name server server.

Manage IP addressing on Windows XP| CenturyLink Internet Help

Some router's act as a proxy between the actual name servers and your computer. You will know when this is the case, because the Default Gateway will list the same ip address as the Name Servers entry.

We need to have the correct Name Server IP addresses. If we do not, you will not be able to browse the web.

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There are a couple ways to get these. The first way is to log into your router's web interface, and look at your router's status page. Examples are Here are step-by-step instructions showing you how to set IP address and other network information:. Double click on Network Connections.

Right click correct Local Area Connection by identifying correct network card and click Properties. Click on Properties. Here is IP logical network Designing Guide. Note: IP address of your computer must be unique.