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Scroll to continue. They are William John b , Seymour b widower and Robert b There is also a Timothy b and his wife Margaret who are boarders with James Kehoe, a widower. I am looking for information on Susannah Farrell. I believe her parents were Edward Farrell and Elizabeth Anderson. My research points that she may be from LaPoile. Susannah was born around and was married to Samuel Kendell. She died in Any help would be greatly appreciated. All are from LaPoile area and dates match. Hi Dorothy I stumbled onto your site and there is so much to explore there. I was hoping that you or one of your site visitors could help me out.

I am looking for info on Anne Saunders born around She had a brother named James and their father was Richard Saunders. Oral history sayd that they came to Labrador from White Bay, Newfoundland. Hi Curtis, and thanks. If I find anything I will let you know. And, yes, maybe a reader can help out. Thanks for writing. Lots of people with those names, but not with the marriage connections that you have. Also I am tracing my grandmother , Margaret Lewis b. In researching the Legges in the the Tickle Cove, Kings Cove area I found a number of Micmaq births and marriages registered as well as a few who were sponsors at weddings and baptisms.

Thank you. John Matthews and Sarah Bagg. He was born Abt. Hey dorothy is their a place in burgeo nf that I can get birth or marriage or death certificate on John Matthews. Hi Jamie, the provincial archives at The Rooms in St. Also many churches keep their own archives. You could contact the town of Burgeo. Google for their website.

Hi there, I am looking for information on my great-grandfather. His name is Martin Surette from Newfoundland. Unfortunately, I do not have anymore information that that. They have a daughter named Shiela Surette who was born on Dec 23, None of my family members have any information on these family members.

What I know is what I have found online so far. I have been looking for months and just came across your website- I thought I would see if you could help. Information that I need is: Date of birth, place of birth, date of death and permanent residence. No one else is able to provide me information and I hope you are able to help : Thank you in advance. Hi Amelie, I have some Surettes but none that match up with Martin.

I did find Abigail Mitsuk in the Nfld census. Notice the change in spelling. There is a note at top, from the original, that the people listed here were living in canvas tents, were identified as Indian, and living in this spot only in summer.

Rebel Puritan: John Hicks, the First Husband

Maybe another reader will know more. Amelie I have some info on Shiela Surette , I dont want to write it here but fel free to email me at captlab hotmail. Feel free to email me, and I will put you in touch with her. Admin here has my permission to give you my email address. Ralph Vincent was the husband of Violet Bursey Bussey b. I was adopted to Americans at the age of 4 and have since made a wonderful reunion over the years with many family members.

Maybe someone reading can help out? Good afternoon Sean, this link may be of use to you. Hello Colette, I am very interested in any info you could provide regarding William 1 and Susanna Benoit and in particular Williams parents. My grand-father was born in Georgetown to William 2 and Alice Benoit. William 2 was the son of William 1 and Susanna just as your grandfather Albert was.

I have conflicting information with regards to Williams 1 father being John Benoit, son of Sebastian. Would Ralph Vincent, the husband of Violet Bursey, b. I am working on a Bursey Family Tree. Thank you so much. Hi Jackie, could you give me some more information on Ralph or Violet, parents or children? I feel I should know them but can find nothing. Hi Dorothy, wondering if you have any info on John Knott and Lucy Knott poole from harbour le cou Newfoundland I am wondering their kids names and any other info, thanks!

Hope this helps! Hi Linda, a couple things I found, not sure if accurate though. Maybe another daughter Sarah Read, b d I found another Charlotte, b Codroy, so same time period. The two Charlottes may not be the same person. Maybe someone reading this can help! Charlotte was born in in Codroy. This family moved from Fortune to Codroy about along with other English relatives from the Gallop and Moore families.

I have information on Charlotte Young. She was the daughter of James Young and Elizabeth Gallop. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Gallop and Mary Kearley. Dorothy, I am looking for information on the Pilgrim family. No more info than that. I wondered if William Henry might be the same person as Henry b Any help would do! Mary was born about He was son of William Crant and Hannah Hynes married abt Hope this helps some.

Oops, adding something I just found. Hi Alice. I have a lot of James McDonalds but none showing a birthdate of The one here would have been much earlier, about Maybe someone reading can help out, so thanks for writing. I am not sure of the last name. Grandmother Hannah Crant Hynes G. That information came from the database of a member of the Crant family.

But I have no more info than that. Hope it helps. Just wanting to provide some information for the family tree. William Jesse Lavers born was my maternal grandfather. My grandmother Dorothy Euphemia Pye and my grandfather were to be married as she was pregnant with my mother. My grandmother spent the winter in Port Saunders with a Mrs. My mother was born April 28, in Port Saunders. My grandmother returned to Cape Charles , Larador in the spring of on the first boat. She died when my mother was 2 years old with TB. My mother was raised by her Labrador grandparents.

She only saw him once in her life as a teenager. About 16 years ago our family in Port Saunders reached out to us, and we re-established some connections. My father is not listed on my mothers birth records , but I would like to have this recorded that he was our grandfather. As you know squabbles over religion are not nearly as common today and there is way more tolerance for differences. Please contact me if you require further information. I have a picture of me taken at his gravesite in Port Saunders where I go to visit every summer.

Who were her parents? Thanks very much for this. Thanks so much. If you require additional information, please let me know. Hi Sandra, thanks for the information. One question — are Patina, Paula, June and Velma sisters? I figured out who belonged where for the most part, but am not sure about them. June us the younger sister of Helen and Velma is the youngest sister of Helen and youngest child of Sherlock and Minnie.

I have since connected with Diane Lavers the great great granddaughter of Sherlock, her father was also named Sherlock. We would love to be in contact with Diane Lavers if possible. She is uncle Sherlock Brud Lavers and none of us were sure of her whereabouts. I am originally from St. I have been living in Victoria, BC for the past 27 years.

My families interest in our ancestry came to an interesting intersection a few years ago in Cook Street village in Victoria. My brother Greg had called me from Toronto one night to tell me he had tracked our heritage to Hermitage Bay, Newfoundland. That was interesting but not conclusive. A few months later while working in the village incredulously, I encountered an older woman in the house in which I was working.

We acknowledged each other with nods from 40 feet away and I was almost knocked over by the intense color of her blue eyes. A shiver went through me like someone had had walked over my grave. We both went on our way and about our own business. I returned the next day — a Friday — and completed my work. As I was about to leave the lady appeared again and asked me if I was from Newfoundland. I confirmed that I was. She asked if my name was Francis.

Again I confirmed. She then told me that she was from Newfoundland and her name was Francis. I was floored. We spoke excitedly for a while and then I asked if she would speak to my brother in Toronto. She agreed. I called him and they spoke for a half hour or so. When we had to part company that afternoon she asked me to wait for a second while she went to get something. She opened the Bible and produced a deed to the property that Aquila Francis had purchased in — if memory serves me correctly — was dated I will try to find the house again but it has been some 5 or 6 years.

You can email me. Hope this helps. Hi Bill, what a lovely story and thanks for the information on Aquilla Francis. While looking around for Hermitage Francises, I found a blog called A Somerset Family History with an interesting post about the family. Several of my relatives have status.

Martin, Mius, Aucoin, Vincent.. A distant cousin is on the cover, Leander Frontain. I came across your website by web-searching the name on a dated post in genealogy forums by someone named Mildred Lavers. That led me here. Very happy to have found you. I will email her about your comment. It sounds really useful. The families you mention certainly are very large and complex in their origins. On my Family and Genealogy page, there are links to online genealogies for some of them that might be helpful to you.

Thank you for your kind words and for writing. Thanks Dorothy! One more thing for anyone else who recognizes these names, Maggie Crew was also known as Margaret Carew. Thanks again for looking! Hello Dorothy, I found some additional info on my great great grandparents. Any insights? They were married in Massachusetts. Hi William, sorry, I have nothing on them. What year was your Thomas Norris born?

We may be related. I have had DNA done and this name came up. You may already know all that but, if not, I hope it helps in your research. Hi Dorothy, I live in Alberta and have never been to Newfoundland. Hi Jason. Im pretty sure this is what you will be looking for. Sharon Buckland.

Urban Thesaurus

Hi Roger, I think I found the baptisms you mention. On Nf Grand Banks site, St.

William, age 6, so b abt and Elizabeth, age 2? I tried to find either child, but no luck. If anyone reading can help, please do. Hi Roger, I have nothing on William Snook b Pierre not sure if the island or in France d Grand Bank Nfld. They marr 20 Jan in Dorset.

belgacar.com/components/gsm-espion/ I found 7 children for them, including Robert and Morgan. His brother Morgan was b in St Pierre and Miquelon, d Hello Dorothy I am trying to find a marriage doc on my great grandfather Thomas John Coveyduck that has many spellings to that last name He was born in newfoundland and he married Sarah Ann Whelan around or 5 not sure.

Sarah was born Aug 3rd Thomas had 2 other brothers and i think 1 sister. They and children emigrated to Connecticut. Joseph is listed as 65, meaning b , and Fannie as age 59, so b Their younger children are listed in the household, including Thomas aged He is too young to be your Thomas, but I wonder if Joseph and your Thomas might be brothers or at least cousins. My mother is from Flat Bay St. Her name is Mildred Pauline Renoufe. She was born Nov. That is all I know about her.

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I was born in a Murphy, but was adopted when I was young. I live in Cape Broyle, Newfoundland all my life and have been left in the dark as to where I am from and who are my descendants. My mother also had a sister Shirley who married a Norman from Placentia Bay. I believe that there are still living family members and I would like to have contact with them. I just happened on your site by accident and decided to try a shot in the dark.

Maybe somebody reading will be able to help — I hope so! Honestly I reviewed it before I sent it — but in the rush to add the addendum — another mistake. Dorothy, First of all I want to say thank you. I am quite certain the searching tips you have provided will help me immensely. Someone in the family has already found the information so its out there somewhere but they are not sharing. My great grandfather was James Ryan reported born in and in a census reported to have been born in March of in Turks Gut NL. He died on January 22, My great grandmother Agnes Ryan reported to have been born in however census reports her to have been born in March in Port au Choix.

Various other documents indicate she might have actually been born in Bird Cove. She died on September 22, I do not know when or where they were married. Brown of the Parish of the Holy Family. The census indicates that a subsequent sibling Felix was born in Port Saunders in Any information regarding the family beyond reports them living in Port Saunders.

Okay — after all that — what I am looking for are the parents of my great grandmother Agnes. There is additional information however I have gone on quite long enough. Hi Kathy, thanks for your kind words. Felix, maybe their son, is listed with his family, and John and family, maybe also a son. Looking for Agnes as Mahar, Maher and Meagher did not turn up anything either. I will read all that you have on your site, as it might give me a clue. My ancestors came from NB, though. Anyway, terrific site! I saw on the site that there is a family reunion this weekend, Aug.

Aside from that, however, the website has a lot of information. Thanks, and good luck! I know that they had two sons, my grandfather Henry Ingram , and another son George Ingram. I have not heard of any other family members. George was a member of the Church of England and the parish headquarters was probably in Hermitage.

I heard that there were three brother, one remained in the area of Gaultois and the other moved to Burgeo. Lots of other ones, and a few Henrys. Who did sons Henry and George marry? This looks like it is someone from my family back in Somerset, England. You may like to pass this on to Trent if you can along with my email address. In census Aquila seems to have married his cousin, and been back to Newfoundland in the intervening years:. Thanks for the information. He was born about and she Here id the other info on the Crant side of my Moms family.

He was the son of? He was born ABT. Burgeo, NF. She was born in Gaultois, NF. She was born ABT. Hi Sharon. Thanks for your kind words and the Crant info. Henry Strickland was his 1st cousin. I think it is really great and I respect the time that you spent answering all of the comments! Maybe you can publish a heritage book in the future with all the family information you have collected.

Really wonderful work! I stumbled across this web site whilst looking for information on my great-great grandfather Aquila Francis and my great grandfather John Thomas Francis of St. I am wondering if you had found anymore information or where the unsourced information came from, from your response to Trent Dominie. Also, I would not mind making contact with Trent as he may be an unknown distant relative of mine.

The following is the original comment from Trent and your response. Anything would be much appreciated as it appears to be some blanks when it comes to my grandmothers past. Hi Megan and thank you very much. Maybe seeing the info again will jog a memory and someone will post something that will help. George Genealogy Society in order to have access to their large Marche family tree.

There is much more info than I can give here in the sites I mention above. Good luck! Any help will be greatly appreciated. I did find info on George Pilgrim, St. I would love any info you can find. Thank You Della. I have a Lucy Sheppard b and a Lucy Maude Sheppard b but no husbands or children for either of them. Maybe a reader can help? These are relatives of mine.

I have some information but I am looking to obtain as much as possible. They are my Great Great Grandparents. Im looking to speak to anyone else who has further information or anything to add to what I already know. Thanks -Jean. If you have dates, they might help me or anyone reading this. May I ask what other information you might have on Martha and the Oldford family.. I have Martha being born in She is laid to rest in Kings Point …she is my great great grandmother….

Thanks for telling me about Lemuel Oldford. However, I also have nothing on Alfreda Richards or her husbands. Hi Dorothy, I hope you can help. I can find nothing on this last set of parents. Who their parents were or where they were from. Thank you for anything you can come up with. But their parents are not named.

1. They Got Married in 2017

Doing a quick search, I see people looking for the same info as you are, but nobody with an answer. Maybe someone reading here can help? Thanks for the info on their son Dominic and daughter Mary. I had their other kids but not those two. I am trying to trace my roots. My mothers fathers name was Ches Lavers from Port Saunders and he had a nephew who drowned just a year or two ago, a Howard Lavers from the same area..

Why I need this information is that we are planning on trying to apply for Qalipu status Indian.. Any information that you could provide would be much apprecaited. If you have any other information, you could post it here. Elizabeth was born we think in Brazils, N. Mary was also mentioned. I am up in age and want to do the genealogy before I lose more of my memory.

Does anyone have pictures of the family, a copy of of Bible records, birth or death record, etc. I appreciate any help.