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Ask the neighbors — If you are trying to find out about the house you currently live in, or even a house you could possibly live in one day, this may be a no-brainer. Neighbors are a great source of information and probably know more than you think, especially if they have lived in the neighborhood for more than a few years.

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  4. Trying to find out if someone died?

It may not be best practice to knock on a door and lead with that question, but neighbors can be a good, easy source of truth. If none of these options works or suits you, there are websites now that will do the work for you. You have to pay a fee, which may not be worth it especially if you can simply talk to someone, but they are available for you to use.

While locating a date of death for a long-lost ancestor can be a laborious process involving detailed genealogical research, finding this information for an individual who died within the past 50 years can often be quick and easy. Armed with the full name of the person you seek, you can use free government records to locate his date of death. Go to Rootsweb.

These sites offer free access to the SSDI server, but you can also find subscription sites, like Ancestry. Enter as much information on the individual as possible. While you can search the databases with only a first and last name, inputting a middle initial, the state in which they died, their maiden name or an approximate date of birth can help narrow down the results. Look through the results to see whether you see a record for the individual you seek.

If you find her, the record should include her full name, birth date, death date and her last known residence.

In New York City, if private funeral arrangements are not made, remains of stillborn infants more than 24 weeks gestation are sent for burial to the City cemetery located at Hart Island, Bronx, NY, commonly known as Potter's Field, by the Office of the City Medical Examiner.

I would like a copy of a death certificate for a person who died outside of New York City. Where can I get more information? I would like a copy of a death certificate from before How can I order a death certificate for someone who died in New York City before ? I am an attorney retained by an entitled party and I need to order a death certificate for a client.

How can I order a death certificate? Only entitled parties defined in the table above and their attorneys may submit orders for NYC death certificates.

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This excludes paralegals, couriers and other substitutes. Attorneys should follow these instructions when submitting orders in person or by mail. If you experience any problems when attempting to submit an order in-person, please ask for a supervisor.

How To: Discover If Someone Died in Your House | Aftermath

For death certificate applications PDF , the entitled parties are limited to those listed in the table above. Please refer to the table above for the list of entitled parties. If the customer returns the "Record Not Found" statement by mail or in person with the additional information requested within 3 months from the issue date, OVR will conduct an additional search at no cost.

The customer receives an email from OVR explaining the cancellation and told how to contact OVR with further inquiries.

When post-mortems are carried out

Once an order has been cancelled, the customer must re-submit it according to the instructions provided. If the order is accepted and searched, this process can take from business days. If the certificate cannot be found, the customer is mailed a "Record Not Found" statement. Check refunds take approximately 30 days. If the customer submits the "Record Not Found" statement with the additional information requested within 3 months of the cancelled order, OVR will do another search at no additional cost. Other Orders: Refunds do not usually occur for in-person or mail orders because the Office of Vital Records does not cash a person's check or money order unless the order can be filled.

All documents are returned with cancelled orders. Medical facilities and funeral directors pre-authorized by the NYC Health Department can report births, deaths, and terminations of pregnancy with the agency using eVital. What can you tell me about certificates with cause of death pending? The Office of Chief Medical Examiner OCME has the responsibility to investigate all deaths of persons in New York City occurring from criminal violence, by accident, by suicide, suddenly when in apparent health, or in any unusual or suspicious manner.

Main number: Because individuals must exchange the original death certificate, orders may only be placed by mail or in person. Please see issue date on the bottom of the certificate. Health Search all NYC. Menu Promoting and Protecting the City's Health.

The Death Records Database

Death Certificates. Order a Death Certificate Online. Expand All Collapse All. How long will it take to process my order?

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  • Below are the average processing times to complete your order. Does not include mailing time, which can take an additional business days. UPS express orders are shipped by overnight mail, but the processing time to complete the order is as described above. Certified copy of a New York City death certificate Mail weeks. If you have not received your order after the estimated processing times noted above, including business days for mailing, please call us at: , if you are calling from within New York City. I cannot order a death certificate online.

    Can I access the medical records (health records) of someone who has died?

    How else can I order a death certificate? You can order a death certificate by mail or in person. Please follow the steps below: Download and complete the death certificate application PDF by following the instructions on the form. If you are unable to download the application, please call or outside New York City to request one. Be sure to include your email address where indicated on the form.

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