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Should the sheriff fail to sell the dog so impounded within the time specified herein, he or she shall turn the animal over to the local humane society or similar organization. When the head tax, and extra charges, if any, are paid, the officer to whom payment is made shall issue a certificate of registration and a registration tag for such dog.

All such dog taxes, except those belonging to municipalities, shall be accredited to the dog and kennel fund provided for in section ten, article twenty, chapter nineteen of this code. Such dog taxes as are collected for and turned over to municipalities shall be deposited by the proper officer of such municipality to such fund and shall be expended in such manner as the law of such municipality may provide.

All taxes on dogs not collected by the assessor shall be collected by the regular tax collecting officer of the county and placed to the credit of the dog and kennel fund. Chapter 7.

Putnam County Assessor - Welcome

County Commissions and Officers. Please complete an application to begin the process.

Download Application. The mission of the Office of Emergency Management is to lead Putnam County to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from disasters. The Office's mission is to reduce the loss of life and property; minimize suffering and the disruption caused by disasters; prepare the County to address the consequences of terrorism; and serve as the County's portal for emergency management information and expertise.

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In times of emergency or disaster, the Office of Emergency Management coordinates the response of county agencies ensuring the most appropriate resources are dispatched to the affected area. We work with local governments, volunteer organizations and the private sector across Putnam County to develop disaster preparedness plans and mitigation projects, and provide training and exercise activities.

The Putnam County emergency response area covers roughly square miles with approximately 60, residents. Putnam County E dispatches for police, fire and EMS throughout the county to both emergency and non-emergency calls.

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The E center consists of a Director, Deputy Director, Mapping and Addressing Coordinator, 10 full-time dispatchers and 7 part-time dispatchers. The E center answers approximately , phone calls each year which results in approximately 40, CAD events being generated. Putnam County has 8 V. The fire departments of Putnam County account for roughly 3, responses each year.

Putnam County, WV Sheriff

Putnam County has its own countywide EMS service with 5 trucks strategically positioned throughout the county to allow for rapid response times in the event of illness or injury. Putnam County EMS accounts for approximately 7, responses each year. Each department works together to help provide top service to the citizens of Putnam County.

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All law enforcement in Putnam County accounts for approximately 40, responses each year.