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  1. How do I locate an inmate?
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Tafoya was arrested in January on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and evading police. Tafoya was described as a Latino man with brown hair, green eyes and face tattoos. He is 5 feet 6, weighs about pounds and was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and no shoes. Authorities warned the public not to contact Tafoya, whom they consider dangerous.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts is urged to call Twitter: AleneTchek. About Us.

You must schedule your visit 24 hours in advance. Central Detention Center inmates are allowed one visit per day, and a maximum of five visitors including children per session. You must arrive to check in 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment or your visit may be cancelled. Visits at the CDC will not be private and conversations may be monitored and recorded.

Be careful not to say anything incriminating pertaining to criminal acts or charges. You can send an unlimited amount of mail to a Central Detention Facility inmate, and inmates are allowed to purchase writing materials and stamps through commissary. All envelopes will be opened and there are strict policies for mail, with many items classified as contraband.

Envelopes and paper or cards should be plain, with no added glue, stickers, crayon markings, lipstick impressions, fragrance, glitter, or musical inserts. You cannot send packages, so no food items, etc. You are allowed to send up to 10 photographs sized 5 x 7 or smaller. These photos should not depict nudity or sex acts, violence or gang-related images.

Softcover books and magazines can be ordered for inmates, and should arrive directly from a vendor or publisher i. Do not send in books in your own packaging. When new inmates arrive at the Central Detention Center, they go through an intake assessment process. This includes screening for any medical conditions requiring immediate attention, as well as determination of classification status.

Depending upon criminal background, charges, and staff observations, inmates may be housed in minimum or maximum security units.

How do I locate an inmate?

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department asserts a zero tolerance policy toward inmate sexual abuse, and any incidences should be reported. There is access to medical and dental care onsite as well as mental health and substance abuse treatment. Inmates can wear prescription glasses or dentures and use necessary medical devices, including mobility aides.

Through staff and a variety of volunteer organizations, a number of services and programs are provided to CDC inmates. These include academic classes and vocational training, religious services, individual and group therapy, and 12 step programs. Inmates are allowed at least three hours of outdoor recreation each week.

A pilot program through the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department allows selected inmates to enter a firefighting training program. The Central Detention Center was originally opened in , then closed down for a few years in the early 's for budgetary reasons. A negotiated contract with the U. Marshal's Service allowed the jail to reopen and provided for much-needed federal grant money.

The jail has since been modernized with newer furnishings, updated kitchen, and security features.

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A work release program is available to San Bernardino inmates. Candidates must receive court approval to participate and must complete required classes. The information I am providing is related to a known family member or friend currently in custody. I understand that all inmates in custody are provided education regarding access to routine, urgent and emergent healthcare.

The Mormon Recall and San Bernardino's First Jail

I understand that this is for the purpose of requesting follow-up healthcare for a family member or friend currently in custody and that any misuse or abuse of this system may result in prosecution. By clicking on the check box you acknowledge the above statement. Desert — Valley — Detentions and Corrections Bureau. Visits and Telephone Communication Each jail has unique visiting hours and visitor requirements. It is required to have the inmate booking number before you schedule your visit. Inmates have access to use telephones to make legal and personal calls while at the facility.

All Visitors shall: Arrive 30 minutes before their appointment.

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Be subject to a search of their personal belongings and vehicles. Not have any weapons, cell phones, audio, video, or photo recording devices. Not bring into the facility tobacco or illicit drugs. Maintain constant supervision of any minors.


Dress appropriately. Inmate Releases These general guidelines for release dates and times can vary based on the jail facility and warrants, court orders, medical and mental health conditions. Inmates who have completed their court-ordered sentence are released between a.

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Inmates released with a court order, cite release, on their own recognizance, or cases that were not filed, are generally released the same day, between a. Inmates who require specific release plans for medical, mental health, or structured living arrangements can be released at any time of the day, and on a case by case basis. Bail bond or cash bail are accepted 24 hours a day, at any jail facility. Bail Agent Visits Bail agents may visit inmates upon request from the arrestee, their attorney, or family member. Bail agents must complete the Bail Agent Request Form prior to the visit and bond payment drop off.

Bail payments can be made at any of our jail facilities.