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The Dark Silver one is the one placed East of the Basketball Court, or in other words behind it from where you arrive. It's very hard to spot the difference between the EC Hellfury and the normal Metallic Red Hellfury, even in direct comparison. Any Luster you get on it is fine. At this point, either spare or kill Cherise, I suggest sparing her so you can do a Random Encounter Mission for her later on.

Now, drive to Cluckin' Bell using the Hellfury to meet Dwayne there. Park the Hellfury outside of Cluckin' Bell and then get in it to pass the Mission. You must be careful for the Lusters though, any Luster is Special except for the Black Luster, which in other words is no Luster at all, invisible from the Body Color. Just avoid the Lusters that can't be seen. All Lusters are Special except for the Black Luster, so avoid that one at all costs. Now drive to the Location where the Dealer is. If you don't like the Luster on it or if it's not a Special Luster, reload and start the Mission again.

At this moment, get in the Lustered Black Dukes and then get out of it, so the Game will mark it as Niko's last driven Vehicle and it won't vanish. After that, walk up the Stairs and lure the Dealer to the Window so you can kill him with the Sniper Rifle. After he's dead and the Mission gets passed, go down onto the Street and get back in the Lustered Black Dukes.

Now simply park it at your Parking Spot and have it stored there. So if you want, you can avoid those to have a far more Special Sentinel. Check his E-Mails on his Computer as instructed and then drive to the Location where he meets up with Vasily. As soon as the Cutscene ends, immediately aim at his Head using your Drive-By Weapon while he drives off and shoot him dead which will pass the Mission.

If it's done quick enough, while he turns right, his dead body should fall out of the Lustered Black Sentinel with EC Black Rims and the Door should remain open which will allow you to get into it and drive it to a Safehouse Parking Spot. You need to have his Body out of the Sentinel, because if you store the Sentinel with his Body then the Sentinel will disappear. You need to have Oleg's Body fall out no matter what if you want to keep this Special Vehicle.

All in all, you just got to be lucky to Drive-By kill Oleg quickly so that you can enter the Sentinel and just park it at the Safehouse Parking Spot. Also, I highly suggest getting this one from Wrong is Right, than the one from the Revenge Ending, as this one from Wrong is Right can be obtained with a Mission Pass, unlike the one from Out of Commission. I suggest getting the second one.

This is a very weird Vehicle, the Mission Script gives it a Color Number of which doesn't even exist, but instead of that the White Color is spawned on it. When you get to the Helipad in Westminster, let the Maverick land there and then take it. When you got into it, fly it to a Parking Spot and land it there.

Once it's parked, drive a far enough Distance away from it so the Mission fails and the return to it to confirm that it's still there and saved.

On some Versions you will need to actually destroy the EC White and Red Maverick while it's in the Parking Spot like in the Video, drive a far enough Distance away from it and then come back. When you get it, avoid the Pewter Gray Poly Luster, because if you get that one, your Emperor would be a normal one, not Special at all, so avoid that one at all costs.

To get it, you simply need to pass the Mission Dust Off. So start the Mission and go to the Location to follow the Maverick, then get in the Maverick and fly it to the Airport as instructed. After you land the Maverick at the Airport, the Mission will be passed. Now you need to turn around and you will see the Lustered Black Emperor by the Building. Get into it and drive it to a Safehouse Parking Spot and have it stored there. If you get a Luster that you don't like or if it's not Special, reload and do the Mission again. Before starting this quest, you will need to have Kiki's Special Ability unlocked which allows you to remove Wanted Levels and you will also need an Annihilator.

To get the Annihilator, you will need to kill all Pigeons before this Mission or you can get it from Free Roam while the Annihilators are chasing after you on high Wanted Levels. If you are on the Mission before going to the MeTV Building, the Annihilator won't spawn, because it doesn't spawn when a Mission is taking place. Now what you want to do is fly to Northwood and land the Annihilator near where the White and Red Maverick is.

Get in the Maverick with Little Jacob and skip the Cutscene, then get out of it and get in the Annihilator. It's important that you skip the Cutscene so that the Annihilator doesn't vanish. Once that is done, locate the Maverick you need to chase down and then slightly bump the Passenger Side of the EC White and Black Maverick to force the Passenger out of it.

Don't replay the Mission and leave that Message alone for now. Don't blow it up using the Annihilator Guns, just damage it until it's on Fire. Do not take the Camera off the Wreck even for one Second as it can easily disappear. Also try to be very quick with this task, if too much Traffic is spawning during the push back to the Safehouse, it can cause the Wreck to vanish. Even if the Camera is on it, so make sure you do this as quick as possible. Wrecks usually vanish immediately if you don't teleport out of there when they're on Parking Spots, thus why you need to do that extra step too.

Once you accept the Phone Replay, you will have to do and complete Paper Trail like normally. You will need a lot of persistence and determination if you want to pull this off.

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Good luck as you will need it! Take note that this is completely unobtainable on the PS3 Version since the Annihilator always despawns when you enter Jacob's Maverick. Video by zazaza That's very important. After the Cutscene, go down to the Vault and get the Money like how you normally would. Now do the Shootout Part like normally and take out as many Cops as possible until you get to the Part like shown in the Video. Check if the Unique Police Stockade has the BP Mesh, if it doesn't then reload, of course you don't need it but it's preferable that it does.

Eventually, the Mission will fail for being too far away from Packie and Derrick. You will still have the 5 Star Wanted Level after the Mission has failed. Now, you need to quickly push the Police Stockade near Ray Boccino's Mission like shown in the Video at the intersection.

The reason why you want to activate the Mission is so you can lose the 5 Star Wanted Level.

can i customize cars on gta 4 - Xbox Association - GameSpot

Be quick or be dead, as this is the hardest part. After the Cutscene, the Police Stockade will probably still be there. If it vanished, you'll need to reload. Use the Route shown in the Video. Pushing it isn't too hard, it may take some time but it's surely not a problem. Try to not get a Wanted Level while pushing it. If it is, congratulations! Like already said, it's better to get the one from Tunnel of Death as that one doesn't need a Mission Failure. There's a nice Red Body Color one to get though. If you want to obtain it, start the Mission Taking in the Trash and simply go and pick up the Trashmaster as instructed.

Get in the Trashmaster and simply go to the two Locations where the Diamonds are. All you have to do is kill the Driver of the Irish Oracle and the Passenger inside it. Make sure you don't go too far away from the Trashmaster or else the Mission will fail. It can also have a Roof or it can be Roofless. To obtain it, start the Mission Meltdown and go to where Luca is. Now chase the Goons driving the Lustered Lokus. Simply keep the Banshee in tact without crashing too much and don't Drive-By the Lustered Lokus too much as it might explode and you'll fail the Mission, so don't Drive-By it at all.

When the Goons finally reach the Park and crash, drive down there and kill the Goon nearby. Then quickly get in the Lustered Silver Lokus and back out of it so te Game marks it as yours, you don't really need to do it but you can just in case. Kill off the remaining Goons, kill Luca on the Toilets and retrieve the Diamonds. Next, you will be instructed to go to the Bridge to meet Ray, however don't do that. When you get in the Lokus, you won't be able to easily turn on the Engine because it's heavily damaged, so while you're inside it, call anyone on the Phone Book and for some reason the Engine will turn on and you'll be able to drive it.

Now, go back to the Parking Spot to check that your Vehicles are there and haven't disappeared. Be careful not go get the Striking Blue Luster on the Lokus, as when you get that one, your Lokus would not be Special at all. This Unique Laundromat is more important, though, and it's the last chance to get one. Furthermore, the first one in the Guide required a Mission Failure, whereas this one does not.

After the Cutscene Niko will jack the Banshee and a Chase will start. During the Chase, Scripted Events and Traffic will occur, now drive quickly as possible until you reach Hematite Street and you will notice a line of Vehicles waiting at a Traffic Light. In this lineup of Vehicles will be a Unique Laundromat. Just get out of the Banshee and jack the Laundromat, then proceed to follow the Goons, but making sure you do all of this quickly. If you aren't quick, the Mission will fail for losing the Target.

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Now simply follow them while you're driving the Unique Laundromat. Now, drive down with the Unique Laundromat and kill the nearby Goon. If you want to obtain both this Unique Laundromat and the Lustered Silver Lokus, do the same as explained in 5. It's also shown in the Video how both the Laundromat and Lokus got obtained at the same time while passing the Mission.

Once you're there at the Park, kill off the Enemies and kill Luca at the Toilets to retrieve the Diamonds. If you want to get the Lokus also, double drive them to the Parking Spot and leave them there, though the Engines won't immediately be able to be turned on, so you'll need to call someone in the Phone Book while inside the Lokus, because that will activate the Engines too for some reason.

Once the Vehicles are stored, or the Unique Laundromat alone for that matter, go and meet Ray on the Bridge to pass the Mission. Next, go back to the Parking Spot to confirm that your Unique Laundromat is still there. If you're also getting the Lokus, make sure not to get the Striking Blue Luster on it, because if you'd do so, then you'd get a Lokus which is not Special at all. Avoid the Striking Blue Luster on the Lokus.

Just get any Luster on it except for the Striking Blue one. If you want this Lustered Silver Lokus alone, start the Mission Meltdown and go to where Luca is, then do the Chase like how you normally would. The Lustered Silver Lokus will be there outside, so get in it. Due to the Damage dealt onto the Lokus, it will have trouble turning on the Engines, so call anyone in your Phone Book, because that will turn on the Engines for some reason. Leave it there, then go to Ray at the Bridge to pass the Mission. After that, check if the Lustered Silver Lokus is still there at the Parking Spot, because if you don't do that, there might be a chance that it would vanish upon saving and reloading without doing that.

The Black one isn't EC at all. Actually, if you only get the EC White one, you can take it to Pay and Spray enough times to recreate the same Black one. They also have a Spoiler on them, which makes them the Mafia Variant. You will see some PMP s scattered around the Area. Take it and store it at a Safehouse Parking Spot. Now, go to Johnny and after the Cutscene, do the Shootout Part like how you normally would.

Now, either lose or kill off the Goons to pass the Mission. Video by Lethal Vaccine 6. So you'll need to reload most of the time to get the right and Special Luster. Like already said, be very careful about this Cognoscenti and only obtain it if you see it having a Blue or Petrol Blue Green Poly Luster. Then drive to the Ancelloti's Car in Algonquin. This will be the Lustered Black Cognoscenti. Now, damage the Cognoscenti using your Vehicle to fail the Mission.

I suggest using the Middle Park East one as it's the closest. It will take you some time to push the Lustered Cognoscenti all the way there, it's not hard but it will be a long way. Use the Route as shown in the Videos and be patient. Also, try not to get a Wanted Level while pushing it, because that will ruin your progress.

When it's finally at the Parking Spot, drive around a Block and then come back to it. By doing so, the Lustered Black Cognoscenti will be repaired and confirmed to be stored at the Parking Spot. In both Videos you can see the normal Traffic Colored Cognoscenti being obtained, so don't get the one which has the Silver Stone Poly Luster, you'll visually recognize it for not having any visible Luster at all, avoid that one at all costs.

Now, simply pass the Mission. In the Videos you can nicely see how it looks in Hybrid form. Be careful about choosing the Luster on this Contender though, choose any other Luster except for Black, because the Black Luster makes this Contender not Special at all. Choose any colored and nice Luster on it, for example the Green Lusters which are Special and look nice on it.

For the Stallion's Special Lusters view the next entry. To obtain it, start the Mission Smackdown and get the Police Patrol nearby. When you arrive, Bucky will come out driving this Lustered Black Contender, now follow him to his Hideout. Once he's at the Hideout, he'll stop and get out of the Contender, getting in the House. Once it's done, go back to Bucky's House and kill him and all of his Crew. Now, get in the Lustered Stallion and drive away. Lose the Wanted Level if you need to. Simple Vehicles to obtain. You can also first get the Stallion and then the Contender, it's fine however you do it.

Be very, very careful about the Lusters of the Stallion. Avoid these Lusters and obtain any other than those. If you get a wrong Luster, reload and restart the Mission. Like already mentioned, avoid those. Be also careful for the Lusters on the Contender which are already explained. Also, the Stallion can have a Roof in the Mission or it can be Roofless. After the Cutscene you'll be sitting inside Derrick's Squalo. Sail to Kim's Reefer as instructed and then after the Cutscene, drive away from Kim and lose him to fail the Mission. To obtain it, simply pass the Mission Babysitting. So follow Kim's Reefer protecting him and destroying the Dinghys and Maverick as instructed.

Skip the Cutscene immediately and turn your Camera to the Rancher at the Docks. Once you have it, start the Mission Tunnel of Death, accept Packie's Phone Call and drive to the location where the Biff is and get in it. Drive into the Booth Tunnel and park it on the two Yellow Markers as instructed, then do the Shootout Part like normal. Now, the Biff will stay in the Tunnel and won't vanish, drive back to it and get in and out of it so assure it to not vanish, only if you want to get both while passing the Mission of course.

Now, double drive the Fire Truck and Unique Police Stockade to the Destination, making sure that you don't drive too far away from the Police Stockade. If you accidently do that, the Mission will fail and you'll need to do everything over again. So, get in the Police Stockade, drive it a bit forward, then get out, run to the Fire Truck and get in it, drive it a bit forward from where the Police Stockade is, then get out and run to the Stockade, repeat the Process until you're at the Destination. After the Cutscene, the Fire Truck will still be there. At this point, you want to slowly push the Unique Police Stockade using the Fire Truck all the way back to the Alderney Safehouse Parking Spot whilst alternating and double driving the Presidente and keeping the Camera on the Police Stockade and Fire Truck at all times.

Even if you take the Camera off of it for a few seconds, it could very easily vanish and you'll have to start over. Don't push it very hard as that will attract a Wanted Level and it's certainly not what you want for this task. Also, don't get too far away from either the Presidente, as that will fail the Mission, and the Police Stockade, as that will make it vanish. Once you finally get it back to the Alderney Safehouse Parking Spot, securely push it into the designated Parking Area and then ditch the Fire Truck and get back into the Presidente to finish the Mission like normal.

Simply get in the Biff and double drive both the Presidente and Biff to the Alderney Safehouse Parking Spot, making sure that you don't drive too far away from the Presidente as that will fail the Mission. Once the Biff is secured there along with the Police Stockade, get in the Presidente and drive to the Cliffs of Leftwood and kill Aiden to pass the Mission like normally. If you don't want to get the Biff, just don't double drive it back to the Parking Spot after getting the Police Stockade there.

No other Method on the entire Internet mentions the use of a Fire Truck. The Police Stockade in Three Leaf Clover is perhaps identical in terms of difficulty, however, there is no way to get that with passing the Mission. Good luck, especially if you're getting the Biff at the same time. Make a U-Turn and head for the exit in the opposite Direction. If you're lucky you will lose the Wanted Level by the End of the Tunnel.

Once you're there, park the Biff and then continue to finish the Mission like normal. After the Cutscene, some Albanians will show up and there'll be a Shootout Scene. Do the Shootout Part like normal making sure that none of the Vehicles get blown up. Also make sure not to get a Wanted Level as that will ruin your progress. Once you've done it, you will be instructed to get in the Romero with Packie. The Washingtons have driven away but you will be able to get them later on during the Mission. Now, what you'll need to do is quadruple drive the Romero, both Primos and the right Schafter to a Parking Spot, park two of them there, then double drive the Romero and the final Special Vehicle to another Parking Spot, leaving the third one there.

This sounds easy but it's actually painfully difficult, especially as you need to keep the Camera on all Vehicles at all times, plus you can't drive too far away from the Romero as the Mission will fail if you do so. Also, you need to make sure that the Blue Primo has a Special Luster, as sometimes it won't be Special. Again, you can't drive too far away from the Romero as then the Mission will fail.

While double driving or pushing the Vehicles there'll be some Albanians coming in a random Schafter, which will make the Back Doors on the Romero open, kill them but make sure not to get a Wanted Level. I suggest pushing the Romero using the Vehicle that you're double or quadruple driving to prevent the Albianians from making huge damage towards your progress. If you actually got all five Special Vehicles while passing the Mission Undertaker, congratulations as this is one of the hardest tasks in IV to accomplish.

Video by Lethal Vaccine 7. Just get any other Luster than the Jasper Green Poly one. To obtain it, simply run ahead of the Unique Romero where it will drive towards, and make it stop by standing in front of it, then simply get in the Unique Romero by getting in it. You can also shoot and kill the Driver so it will stop, though it's not needed. It's simple to get anyways.

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Once you get in it, drive it at a Safehouse Parking Spot and store it there. Also, despite this being a Unique Vehicle, you might see some Romeros driving in Traffic, but only if you're driving or have driven one lately. You will never see the Romero normally in Traffic other than you driving it, so it's still a Unique Vehicle. Despite the Luster making this Washington EC, compared to the Traffic Black Washington, the Lusters will be barelly different, though they are different, but the human eye can't really see a difference between it because the Luster Colors are similar and because the Lusters are hard to compare.

So it's your choice to get it or not. To obtain it, it's the same Method as with the Unique Romero, after passing Undertaker, walk up to one of the EC Black Washingtons, make it stop by standing in front of it and simply get in it, or just shoot and kill the Driver if it's necessary, then get in it and park it at a Parking Spot. You can actually get both the Unique Romero and the EC Black Washington using this same technique, though for the other you'll need to stop it with the Vehicle, get in the other and then double drive them to a Safehouse Parking Spot.

Get in it and take it to a Safehouse Parking Spot and store it there. If you don't get a Luster that you want, reload and restart the Mission again. After you've parked it on the Parking Spot, get to Middle Park with Bernie, follow him and then kill the Hater harrassing Bernie, then take Bernie to Perseus to pass the Mission like how you normally would. Simple as that. There are some nice Red and Blue Lusters which can spawn on it which are Special. When they get out, kill them and then get back in the Vehicle that Bernie is in. Also, before getting it, you might want to have a heavy pushing Vehicle in your Hove Beach Parking Spot.

After the Cutscene, get out of the Tropic and select the Rocket Launcher, then get back in the Tropic and sail to the Location at Hove Beach as instructed. Now this is the main moment in the whole obtaining Procedure, accelerate a bit forward towards Broker, then get out of the Tropic quickly and aim exactly at the Location by the Buildings in Hove Beach just as soon as you fail the Mission from losing the Russians, then immediately get a SMG or Carbine Rifle and kill Bernie in the Tropic.

Then, quickly run towards the Stairs and up to the Streets and somewhere around the Location you should be able to see this EC Red and White Maverick, either as a Wreck or normally. Most of the time, you wouldn't hit the Maverick with the Rocket Launcher, thus it will fly up into the Sky once the Mission has failed, but sometimes you should hit it and it will fall down on the Street in Hove Beach. If it's not a Wreck, just get into it and fly it to a Safehouse Parking Spot and store it, though be careful as it would be damaged from the Rocket you've shot at it.

The reason why you need to use a Phone Replay is because Niko has to teleport away from the Parking Spot when a Wreck is on it, because if he doesn't, then the Wreck would vanish very quickly and suddenly. Getting it is very luck based and it requires very good timing and aiming of the Rocket Launcher Shot, so good luck. If you got it, congratulations, as this is one of the hardest Special Vehicles to get in IV. Bernie's Mission Icon on the Map will appear and that is where you go to get it.

Make note that you can actually leave the EC Infernus there forever. You don't have to claim it and it'll remain there as well as the Icon on the Map. You can always go and use it and then reload your Save, thus keeping it there while allowing 10 other Special Vehicles to be parked in front of the 5 Safehouses and ultimately having 11 Special Vehicles in your possession instead of To obtain it, start the Mission I'll Take Her, view the Feltzer on the Website as instructed and then call the Mob Daughter between 8 and 20 o'clock during the day to activate the second Part of the Mission.

If you're quick enough to get out a Gun, you can simply just shoot Stevie as he drives off and then claim the Vehicle as your own and take it back to a Parking Spot. You can also just run to the Door and get in it quickly as you see in the Video. Go find a large Truck and block the Alleyway so the Driver in the Feltzer at the end can't get through. Get back in the Feltzer at this point and drive into the Yellow Arrow to finish the Mission.

To obtain both of them at the same time, start the Mission She's a Keeper and drive to the Destination and get in the Vincent. Simply drive by the Drivers and Passengers of them. If you get a Wanted Level, lose it. Double drive them or push one with the other, do what you prefer, but get both of them at the Parking Spot. While double driving them there, you will fail the Mission for abandoning the Vincent.

Do E-Brakes to get rid of the Bodies in the Vehicles. Once there are no Dead Bodies inside them, park them in the Parking Spot and store them there. Make note that you can't get them with Pass, if you would do it by triple driving them with the Vincent and then take it to the Destination in Algonquin, the Vehicles at the Alderney Parking Spot would disappear.

I suggest getting the one from the Revenge Ending Mission Out of Commission since that one can be obtained with a Mission Pass, while the one from She's a Keeper can only be obtained with Mission Failure. Avoid these Lusters at any cost and try to get the other Special Lusters instead. Try to get a Green Luster as then you'll know for sure that it'll be a Special Luster. Video by Lethal Vaccine 8. It would still be Special, so don't worry which Luster you get, any is okay.

To obtain it is simple, start the Mission She's a Keeper and then drive to Gordon's Place and get in the Vincent as instructed. It requires a Mission Failure. I suggest aiming for some other Lusters which are more Special and look nicer. Once there, only kill Gracie or only kill Packie, but not both. If you killed Gracie, then you will be taken to Dukes. If you killed Packie, then you will be taken to Alderney. It's completely the same one as the one from She's a Keeper, so getting any is fine as they both can be obtained with passing the Mission.

Simply get in it and drive Packie home to his Ma's House in Dukes. After the Mission has been passed, store this Vincent at a Safehouse Parking Spot and store it there. Though it's not worth it because it's a huge hassle, and because there's a big chance that the Lustered Dark Silver Pony is not Special because of the Lusters that it gets. I suggest obtaining one at a time for each Save File. You may want to get a pushing Vehicle for this quest and park it at the grassy area nearby before getting into the Yellow Marker. Now, what you want to do is shoot and kill as many Enemies as you can, a randomly colored Bobcat will appear.

Keep pushing it to there and avoid Police Attention as they can ruin your progress. While pushing the Bobcat, the Mission will fail for abandoning the Place, which is completely normal and has to happen. If you want to get all these three Vehicles at once, do the same, but you'll have to push all three Vehicles to the Parking Spots, leave two at the Alderney Safehouse Parking Spot, and then push the third to a Parking Spot in Algonquin, making sure that the Dark Silver Pony has a Special Luster applied on it, which is explained in the later Entries.

I suggest getting these rarer Lusters as they look nicer, though for the Lustered Dark Silver Pony you need to be extra very careful because the Astra Silver Poly Luster is not Special on that one. The Variant and Livery on the Pony are Random. I suggest getting a Luster which looks nicer and more colorful. Also, you can get this exact same Schafter in Easy as Can Be with passing the Mission, but here in Pegorino's Pride you need to obtain it with a Failure.

So I advice you to get the one from Easy as Can Be. Once they get out at a certain Location in the Industrial Park, kill them and retrieve the Money. Drive the Sultan with Pegorino to his Mansion in Westdyke. Once you get there, don't enter the Yellow Marker with the Sultan, instead park it nearby and walk up on Foot to the Yellow Marker with Pegorino to prevent the Sultan from vanishing.

Before continuing with the Mission, take it and park it at a Safehouse Parking Spot and store it there. Simply follow them until they're at Auto Eroticar, you will realize some Scripted Traffic on the way too. Once they get to Auto Eroticar, simply kill everyone making sure that the Lustered Black Coquette isn't blown up. Once you checked on the PMP still being there, store the Coquette. Simple, also be very careful for the Lusters that spawn on the Lustered Black Coquette which are explained in the next Entry.

Be very, very careful about the Lusters that spawn on this Lustered Black Coquette. Just avoid any Green Lusters that spawn on the Coquette, if it happens, reload and redo the Mission again until a nice and Special Luster has spawned on this Lustered Black Coquette. To get it, do the Mission until the Pavanos in the Coquette have stopped at Auto Eroticar, kill them all, then take this Lustered Black Coquette as a prize and simply store it at a Parking Spot.

Video by Lethal Vaccine 9. Once you get there, a Cutscene will play and after the Cutscene, drive the other way from where Phil Bell is going. If you do that, Phil will get busted by the Feds and the Mission will fail. Like already said, this Vehicle is barely Special to the human eye, but it still is Special, though it's not needed to obtain it from this particular Mission as you need to fail it to get it.

Once he calls you, accept his Call and drive to the Yellow Marker as instructed. You can also wait until they get to the Gas Station and stop, then kill them all, but make sure that the Oracle and PMP don't get blown up in the process. Simply drive quickly or do E-Brakes until the Dead Bodies fall out of the Vehicles, making sure that you don't drive away from the other Special Vehicle that you're double driving so it doesn't vanish. Once you got them to a Parking Spot with no Dead Bodies in the Vehicles, simply store them there and it's done.

If you only want one of the Vehicles and not both of them at the same time, just kill all Enemies keeping the Vehicle you want intact, ignoring the other Vehicle that you don't want, then get in it once the Mission gets passed and drive it to a Safehouse Parking Spot to store it there, making sure that the Dead Bodies are out of the Vehicle. Avoid those Lusters that aren't Special. Avoid that Luster at all costs. You will see three of those Lustered Black Lokuses. An Enemy with a Rocket Launcher will blow up one of those Lokuses. Once all Enemies are dead, get in one of the Lustered Lokuses, I suggest getting in the one with a nicer Luster.

Now, avoid the Enemies and drop Jefferson off at the City Hall. The Mission will be passed and you will be driving this Lustered Black Lokus. Drive it to a Safehouse Parking Spot and store it there. However, you will have a 8 out of 11 chance that the Luster will be an Astra Silver Poly Luster, which is still Special but doesn't look nice. Also, make note that the Variant and Livery will be Random on these Ponies. To obtain it, start the Mission Liquidize the Assets for Gravelli and drive to the Location in Alderney as instructed. While you drive away from the Location, the Mission will fail, and all you have to do now is take it to a Parking Spot and store it.

You will need to reload the Game a few times to get a nice looking Luster on it, but the Method is simple for it. Also, you can't get it with Pass as you're instructed to blow up all the Vans at the Location, thus you need to get it with a Mission Failure. Alternatively, if you're going for the Revenge Ending and you want to fail this Mission, take the Sanchez and then allow the Goon in the Mule to get away which will fail the Mission. Then you can take it back to a Safehouse Parking Spot and store it there.

But still, any Luster you get will make the Rancher Special, so again, don't worry about it. Alternatively, if you're going for the Revenge Ending and you want to fail this Mission, take the Rancher and then allow the Goon in the Mule to get away which will fail the Mission. The White Ribbon is only available on the Deal Wedding. To obtain it, start the Mission Mr. Bellic Deal Ending and drive up to the Wedding carefully without triggering the Cutscene.

When you get it a Safe Distance around the intersection south of the Church, you can get inside of it and drive it to a Safehouse Parking Spot and park it. Once parked, continue with the Mission like normal and once passed, go immediately where you parked the EC Black and Silver Cognoscenti with White Ribbon to confirm it being there.

If you don't do that, then it might disappear without you knowing it. It's a great prize to get, especially for the Special White Ribbon. However, it doesn't have a White Ribbon in the Revenge Wedding. Bellic Revenge Ending, pick up Kate and drive up to the Wedding carefully without triggering the Cutscene. Once parked, continue with the Mission like normal and once passed, go immediately where you parked the EC Black and Silver Cognoscenti to confirm it being there.

Though there it doesn't have the White Ribbon. Once the Mission has been done with, go back to the Parking Spot where you stored the EC Cognoscenti to fully assure that it's still there. If you don't check the Vehicles, save and reload, then your Vehicles would most likely vanish, thus it's very important that you check them after you pass or fail the Mission while obtaining these Special Vehicles.

However, there are two Huntley Sports which won't be Special. Beechwood Poly Luster and Black Stripe. You will recognize it for being Fully Black with a Silverish Luster. You will recognize it for having a Red Stripe, but not a very visible Luster. Avoid these Huntley Sports at all costs.

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If they spawn like that, reload the Save File and restart the Mission, as those Huntley Sports would not be Special at all. On the way, make sure and check if the Huntley Sport you're chasing is Special. Once you get to the Casino and your Friends leave the Area after the Cutscene, kill off the Goons at the Casino making sure not to destroy the Vehicles there. You will see this Huntley Sport there at the Area, though it's Unjackable. Push it gently all the way to the Parking Spot, check your Map in the Stats as reference.

If you want all the Vehicles around the Area, also park your own Special Vehicle, which you used to push the Huntley Sport, at the same Parking Spot and leave it there, then go back to get the other Special Vehicles from the Area. Make sure that the Lusters are Special on the Lustered Vehicles you're getting. Also, you can get the EC Cognoscenti while you're at it too. Once the Mission has been done with, go to all the Parking Spots to fully confirm that they're all there, once you checked, save the Game.

The Grills actually look a bit different compared to Civilian Silver Grills, which makes this Vehicle a huge prize to get. It's not actually known if that Luster can spawn on it as it only spawns on Russian Schafters in Traffic, but still, avoid it if it spawns. I suggest getting any Colorful and nice looking Luster which you like. Though it's the same Concept explained in the above entries. Video by Lethal Vaccine Deal Beechwood Poly or Black. Avoid these Lusters at all costs. Still, I'd avoid these three Lusters at all costs. There are much more Colorful and nice looking Lusters for this Russian Rebla which I suggest you to obtain.

Thus, again, avoid these Lusters. Video by Lethal Vaccine Revenge This same Vehicle can also be found in Pest Control, but it doesn't matter which one you get, as both can be obtained with Mission Pass. Video by Lethal Vaccine Revenge. If you want, you can get the Special Vehicles here now too with the Concept explained in Once you got the Special Vehicles, or not if you don't plan to do that, get in the Casino and chase after Pegorino, then get in the Sanchez chasing Pegorino.

As instructed, drive at the Beach following Pegorino.

Once the Annihilator shows up and once you're instructed to jump over the Ramp, don't do that, but instead turn right and you will see three Lustered Sentinels with EC Rims there at the Road Area meeting the Beach. There will be four Mafia Goons there, thus kill them. Check if the Lusters on the Sentinel are Special, and if they are, get in one of the Special ones, drive it to a Parking Spot and store it there. You will soon enough fail the Mission for not jumping over the Ramp, which is normal.

If you got other Special Vehicles while obtaining this Sentinel, check the other Safehouse Parking Spots and make sure they're all there, because if you don't do that, they might've disappeared. For some reason, calling someone will start the Annihilator up and make it usable. Once you're inside it and it's flyable, fly it to a Safehouse Parking Spot, preferably the Middle Park East one, and park it at the Parking Spot to store it there.

It will be critically damaged at this point, so don't clip anything or you'll go down and then you'll need to redo all of this to get it again. After saving this Annihilator, the Right Door will make it vanish, which makes it unique. If that happens, then you're lucky, as then you can obtain both the Lustered Sentinel with EC Rims and this Annihilator all with one Mission Failure instead of two. If that happens, but keep in mind that this is a very, very rare sight, then call up and select the Fire Department and push the Annihilator to the Parking Spot nearby, while also saving this Sentinel.

This may only happen on PC, but again, it's very rare that this happens, so it's best to get it after you crash at Happiness Island. Interestingly the Color that is given for the White Color doesn't exist, the Maverick gets a Color on it, but then it gets a White Color applied to it, which is weird.

This is the second time in the Game where this appears, first being the EC White and Red Maverick which gets the same unexistent Color This is the same Method as with the Special Annihilator above. Get in and let the Mission fail for losing Dimitri. Once the Mission has failed, call someone in your Phone Book, which will, for some reason, make the EC Maverick be usable and flyable.

Once it's flyable, flyit back to a Safehouse Parking Spot and store it there. This is not the same Banshee as the one from Meltdown, they're different Banshees. But if you were to get the Med. Get a Vehicle and drive with Hossan to the Location, after the Cutscene, follow the Target in the Banshee and kill him using Drive-By making sure that you don't blow up the Banshee.

Once the Mission is passed and you're still driving the Banshee, drive to a Safehouse Parking Spot and store it there. Something is funny about this Cognoscenti, in the Mission Script it gets Unexistent Colors applied to it, which are Color , , These Colors don't exist, thus the Cognoscenti gets a White Color instead. You can also obtain it by shooting Gracie from a Distance, which will cancel the Side Mission, which means you haven't even started it, then you can get in the Cognoscenti and store it. Simple Special Vehicle to obtain.

Video by Lethal Vaccine You'll have to probably do some Assassination Missions until you get Taken Out, as the Assassination Missions come up in a random order. Once you've started Taken Out, drive to the Stretch and attack it. Simply, kill the Target in the Stretch as well as the extra Enemies that show up. Just make sure that you don't blow up the Huntley Sport accidently. The Black Body Color alone is not Special though. There are several Variants of this Beater Vigero though, all are still Special. On another Version of the Vehicle, you won't see Black anywhere on the Vehicle.

That is because the Black Color is hiding behind the Rusty Brown Livery and is sort of mixing with it. On this Version, if it was any other Color, it'd be Visible, but the Black Body Color makes itself Invisible, due to mixing with the Livery, thus why it's actually Visible. I suggest getting the Version where you can nicely see the Black Body Color. It also has Random Traffic Colors applied to it, which aren't Special. Normal Triad Intruders spawn in Chinatown in Algonquin.

Drive to the Location and enter the Yellow Marker. Now, skip the Cutscene. It's very important that you skip the Cutscene, because if you don't do that, a normal Civilian Intruder will spawn instead. So, skip the Cutscene, kill all the Enemies nearby to pass the Drug Delivery. It's very important that you skip the Cutscene, because if you don't do that, a normal Civilian Futo will spawn instead. Bellic, both Endings. You can't enter it as it's an Unjackable Vehicle. Once you pushed it to a Parking Spot, leave it there, drive around the Block and you will be able to get into this EC Virgo.

Again, it's EC, but Rare for being always obtainable. It's surely EC. However, if you want to obtain this, wait until you unlock Brucie as a Friend after the Mission No. Now, go to Brucie and do the Boating Activity as normal. So just sail to the Yellow Marker and back with Brucie and his Girls.

Now, just drive it to a Safehouse Parking Spot and store it. You have to kill Playboy X and leave Dwayne alive to be able to do that, obviously. However, if you have a very low Like from Dwayne, he might dump you as a Friend, thus you can't select the Backup Special Ability Option anymore. The Flag Livery is Random on it, so it can spawn with a Flag or without it.

It also has a Black Luster on it which is Special, but not very noticable as it's practically invisible. The Side Mission Failure won't affect the Stats, so don't worry. If you want to, you can also wait until you unlock Alderney and then do these Side Missions, thus you can get all 10 EC Vehicles in the same Save File.

It also has a Black Luster on it. Check out It has a EC White Body Color on it, which is Special, though there are some Light Gray Feltzers in Traffic that may look like it, still, if you put these Vehicles next to each other you'd see a difference. It also can spawn without or with a Roof. It can spawn in the RR or F Variants. This one can be a bit confusing sometimes. I suggest getting the Variant with the Metal Pipes.

It also has a Special Black Luster on it which isn't very noticable, as it's practically invisible. This Vehicle in general looks quite nice and it's quite worthy to obtain. This entry will be the explanation of the Method how to obtain these Vehicles and the same Method works for all 30 Vehicles. If you want that Vehicle which he requests, just drive to the Location to pick it up and then take it to any Safehouse Parking Spot, and that's it.

Unlike Brucie's Exotic Exports, the Mission will not fail for abandoning it and instead, another Vehicle will just spawn in the place you took the first one from. Though, it may have a different Variation. Take the duplicate to the Lockup in Bohan and proceed on with the rest of the Vehicles in the List. It doesn't get any easier. If you don't want the Vehicle that Stevie requests in the Text Message, just get it from the Location and take it to the Garage in Bohan and proceed with the Side Mission.

Make note that he will ask for these EC Vehicles in a completely random order. The PS3 Version doesn't do that. It can spawn with or without a Roof, so get the Variant you like the most. It has a Random Variant applied to it so get the Variant you like the most. Make note that this Vehicle is misspelled in IV, it should be Buccaneer, but here it's called a Bucanneer. If you compare them directly to each other, you won't see a real difference between them visually, though the Lusters are different.

So again, this Special Vehicle isn't really needed to be obtained as it's barely Special. Bellic take place. It also has a EC Green Luster. Its Variations always change when you come to the Location, so get the Variant you like the most. It's a nice Bike to obtain as it's the only Special Faggio in the whole Game. Also, its Variations always change when you come to the Location, so get the Variant you like the most. It also has a Silver Luster on it which on alone isn't EC. It also has a EC Yellow Luster on it.


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If you want it, just obtain it from the Stevie's Car Thefts, as that one is not from an actual Mission thus you don't need to fail any Missions to obtain it. These Lusters look very similar to each other in Color when compared next to each other. However, the Luster Color is still different, even if the human eye can't see the difference very well, so it's still a EC Vehicle and Special.

When you get the Reply from them and reply positively to arrange a Date and wait until you have to go to her House to go out with her. When the time comes and you're ready for the scheduled Date, take your desired Vehicle in which you want to convert it to AP and drive it to the Girl's House. Drive into the Yellow Marker and allow the Girl to get into the Vehicle. At this point, when you take control of Niko and when the Girlfriend is inside the Vehicle, simply break the Window of the Vehicle and fire a Weapon out of the Window.

This will scare the Girl and the Date will fail. Though, the Method is a bit different to make Helicopters AP. Once the Girlfriend is inside your Vehicle, drive to the Parking Spot where your Helicopter is stored in, then get in the Helicopter with your Girlfriend.

If you take your Helicopter to the Girlfriend's House, it will most likely disappear, as you can't take it into the Yellow Marker. Once you're inside the Helicopter with your Girlfriend, fly to a Rooftop. Get out of your Helicopter and get in it so that the Girlfriend doesn't get inside it. It's a bit difficult to accomplish that, so use the Museum at Middle Park to do that. Get out of your Helicopter, then push the Girl off the Ledge so that she falls down on the lower level of the Roof of the Building.

Then, get inside the Helicopter. What you want to do now is hit the Girlfriend with your Helicopter so that you scare her, but not injure her. You need to fly into her using your Helicopter, so that she gets spooked and that the short Cutscene happens. Once you manage that and get the Cutscene, your Helicopter will become AP and you can fly it to a Parking Spot to store it.

And remember: if all else fails i. I got in an ice cream truck, and it felt top-heavy — the truck was tilting, almost to the point of being on two wheels, when I tried to take sharp turns. I hopped in a Banshee the convertible sports car from the prior games , and that thing spins out like crazy if you floor it — that's what happens when you have all that power under the hood along with rear-wheel steering.

Every single vehicle feels different. That is, find a ramp — but when you drive off of it, only put half your car on it. The idea is to make the jump with the left or right half of your car on the ramp , and the other half on the street. That should allow you to do a barrel roll or two. I hope that this guide was of some use to you. You are logged out.